Vintage Football Fans

Some great shots of football fans from another age. From top to bottom and left to right ..

  • An Everton fan celebrates his team’s 3-0 FA Cup final win over Man City in 1933. 
  • Spectators at the old Crystal Palace football ground get a great if uncomfortable view of the game.
  • West Ham fans at their FA Cup semi against Everton in 1933 at Molineux
  • West Ham fans again. This time on their way to the first Wembley Cup Final in 1923
  • An ecstatic Littlewoods pools winner from the 1930s
  • A Wolves fan in 1949 enjoys a cigarette. Could have been taken yesterday. 

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Typography and soccer (football). Nice. (via @relative_space)

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Jimi Hendrix kicking around with Bob Marley


Jimi Hendrix kicking around with Bob Marley

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A City Juxtaposed: The Foreign Landscape of Football


By Kyle Morse, writing from Washington DC

The terraces are packed, and the chants are reaching a crescendo as the sides reach the pitch. The passion and fervor is eminent in the air, so thick you could cut through it. The banners unfurled and flares sparked. The San Siro, which houses the Derby della Madonninabetween Inter and AC Milan has become a representation of the elite in Calcio squaring off, but it also represents a class struggle between the working class (AC Milan) and the prosperous upper-class (Internazionale), a concept alien to the American sports landscape.

To identify with an American sports team typically equates to a single determining factor- location. Symptomatic of the U.S. sports business model, leagues rarely place two clubs in a single city, and never outside the New York, Los Angeles, and Chicago markets. Saying that you are a Washington Capitals hockey fan says very little about who you are as a person, despite that you are from the Washington metro area. There is no distinction between economic standing, political ideology, or any other form of social stratification.

Bucharest, Milan, Rome, Edinburgh, Lisbon, London, Istanbul, Belgrade, and Athens play host to some of the most passionate yet diametrically opposed derbies in Europe, divided between classes, political ideologies, and social issues. With many people pointing to the tensions and rivalries as a negative aspect of the global game, yet the personality adds a deep and rich context to the game in developing its identity.

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